The co-ownership of #change

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Change is a difficult thing, resisted by both systems and people. We crave stability, the status quo. Within our everyday lives, meaning is created in the moment: founded on knowledge and experience. It’s forged within communities and evidenced through action. In the Social Age, where organisations are in a state of constant change, it can become harder to create that meaning: when boundaries shift, it’s easy to lose our place. To enact effective change, it needs to be co-owned by the community, not just rained down from on high.

Organisational change is a difficult thing to achieve, but to do it successfully, we have to understand how culture is formed and how it responds to change: once we understand this, we can influence it and craft magnetic messages. We have to find ways to listen to messages going up the chain, not just try to…

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About @begoit

Teacher trainer and Primary Education Advisor for the Basque Education Department. Experienced CLIL teacher and trainer. Currently at Leioako Berritzegunea
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